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 The FAB National Tour

    Now A cast of the Original Creators takes up the Authentic recreation of the Magic School Bus Furthur, This time we’re taking it Farthur and Beyond! Come join George Walker, Normal Bean & the Magical Bus “Farthur” as they represent this unique Peace Wave of Love and Music that is bringing the world together.

   Having recently discovered perhaps the worlds last surviving 1939 international (Gillig body) school bus. George Walker, Normal Bean and the Merry Pranksters are now restoring it and recreating the essence of the original bus calling it “Farthur”. Now they’re back at it again, taking up the Merry Pranksters original mission to head out to find the “Kool Place”…

   We plan on bringing the newly restored magic bus to locations so folks can paint, touch, feel and experience the magic at each show.. with unseen displays of the original voyage.  the original Merry Pranksters crew and extra special guests will be at each location to answer questions. Event to include Performances by the band and major stars. From Woodstock to summer of love to Monterey pop festival. Get on the New Magic BUS. 

   There’s a cry of Freedom that’s creating Peace as the positive new sound of today’s “Potstar’s”, a united harmony of people who project the power of love through sound. By uniting all the big name musical artists of today (Potstar’s) under one huge showcase. We look to bring hope to a new world full of exciting positive solutions.

   Woodstock was billed as Three Days of Peace, Music and Love.   The Band features original merry Prankster magic and mayhem and is Three Hours (or more) of Peace, Music and Love – the beauty, magic and free-flowing art of the Sixties brought into the present. With guitar magic from the west coast guru of jam. Normal bean Plays guitar with his teeth and on top of his head. no show is ever the same. A Pure psychedelic jam full of energy, that keeps you dancing. 

   Just like the experiments of the Sixties, the Band can be formed into other permutations, incorporating live painters and dancers onstage and other guest artists.

   Experience the groove of George Walker, Normal Bean, & the merry pranksters and many other major stars and speakers at our International Benefit Tour. The fun has turned into love and that’s what will save the World! Join the excitement now and become part of this magical journey! Come on and “GET ON THE BUS”!

Support NORML In Paradise.  See Your Ad Here Cannabis Heals 20TH Annual NORMAL Legal Convention Key West, & The Party For Progress The 1st Annual Smoke On The Water Florida Keys Concert Series The Hammer & The Dude with the Kick Cancer’s Butt Team… We’r Saving Lives NORML In Paradise’s Caribbean Club Sesh & The Dude’s Birthday Party

   This was our 1st Meet & Greet Session… or as we call em… A “Sesh”… It was a Great Success… The event was held at the World Famous Caribbean Club on Beautiful Key Largo… There was a great turnout, great food, drink and atmosphere that only the Crib has… We Sang Karaoke and Danced till dawn… There were many Petitions Signed to Regulate Cannabis Like Alcohol. We even had a visit from our local Constabulary, Monroe County Sheriff’s Department… Welcome Guys! They took a  big Sniff… Nothing… Smiled, Gave the Thumbs Up and went on their way… We do not break the law… We MAKE The Law… Thank You All For Another Successful Sesh…

To all Cannabis Advocates, Individuals, Groups and Organizations... Please Viral Out This Live Streaming Event, "The Party For Progress" on Dec 9th 2016 at 7pm... Lets create a viral blast that will be heard around the world... The World Is Watching... If you can't be there physically, be there for the live streaming event on Facebook and tell us that u are interested which will let us know that u'll be watching...

Join NORML of Florida & NORML In Paradise, Florida Keys in support of Regulate Florida on Dec. 9, 2016, for a Party for Progress, at the Sunset Tiki Bar in Key West, supporting the rights of adults 21 plus to use cannabis without fear of criminal prosecution.

This will be the first party supporting Regulate Florida since the passage of Amendment 2 and the overwhelming support for Marijuana Reform in Florida. Regulate Florida is about protecting individuals rig...hts, including, gun rights and the right to home cultivation, and creating a system of profits over prisons.

Florida already has a booming illegal cannabis industry, it is time we make it a system where Florida can profit over it, protect our children, and stop destroying Families. It is time to stand up and show your support for sensible policy in Florida by being active and making Florida a better, safer place for us all.
“Together We Can”

The Kick Cancer's Butt Team sez, Legalizing Medical Cannabis In Florida Is The Humanitarian Thing to Do... Let's N.I.P. This In The Bud!!! Featuring the Kick Cancer's Butt Team, Steve "The Hammer" Dillenbeck & Chris "TheDigiDude" Uhland discussing the Endocanabinoid system and More…

Check Us Out On Facebook, Go To The Kick Cancer's Butt Team. Like Us, Share It Nationwide and Spread the Words Activism, Education & Unity... Brought To You By NORML In Paradise, The Florida Keys... Check Us Out On Facebook, Go To NORML In Paradise, The Florida Keys and Like Us, Share It Nationwide and Spread the Words Activism, Education & Unity. Watch for more great videos on Cannabis Health… Hey Hammer, Keep up the amazing work bro. Who Loves Ya Man!  * Video By Digital Publishing & A1A Media TV... We Rock The World!  * Music Royalty By BMI, Music that Works For You.



    Brought to you by NORML In Paradise, The Florida Keys, To benefit, The Keys 420 Foundation, NORML In Paradise… a WORK IN PROGRESS… We have two tours we are working with… and the bands are top knotch, like our Sountern Rock N Roll Series including Leonard Skynard. Marshall Tucker, Pure Prairie League or our Easy Listening Series including Arlo Guthrie, Jesse Colin Young, Firefall, The Zombees and more… It’s up to you all… Whatch Wanna See? We are talking with Morada Bay to host the series and our It’s 2:20 EVERYWHERE! Radio A1A/A1A Media version of our show… Call Morada Bay, ask for management, Diane and let her know u want the show there… Strength In Numbers… Call Today

Farthur & Beyond, Free Oue Cannabis National Festival & Concert Series Coming In 2018

Paddle Poker Run To Benefit Long Walk Home Featuring The Kick Cancer's Butt Team… We will be speaking on PSTD, The DEA Approving A New Study On Whole Plant Medical Cannabis For Our Troops With PTSD, Natural Healing, Medical Cannabis and Much More...  Health Freedom & Medical Cannabis Education, Information & Activation.

NORML In Paradise Shows Up & Shares At The Paddle Poker Run For Our Veterans