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Welcome to our new Keys 4:20 Foundation Page…

 This OUR Community Foundation... 42% of the net from selected events and fund raisers and from all donations & memberships which N.I.P. brings in goes back to the community to get medicine to those who can't afford it since it is not covered by insurance


Cannabis Heals
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Hi Yall… Chris here with a cool announcement… Things are growing exponentially at the N.I.P. Nation… A Dream & Passion coming to Reality… I have put together an awesome, fun, informative talk and music based Cannabis Show for Internet, Radio & TV…

“It’s 4:20 EVERYWHERE!”.

      It's 4:20 EVERYWHERE! Live On 104.9, The X, with Co- host, The Soundman From Hell, has been CANCELED until further notice due to a difference in direction for the show… We at the N.I.P. Nation are in process of seeking National Syndication and Sponsors which are in the green room awating a solid show agreement and commitment. We would like our own show on 104.9 the X. Lola, our Communications Director, is in the process of ironing out the wrinkles and we are moving forward… We are still seeking volunteer Camera and IT peeps to help with the WEYW 19 TV & Internet version of the show… Please contact Chasity at: 305-896-4022

   We will be starting up the Radio A1A Version of the show soon... Harry Teaford will be my co-host and again... Cannabis Knowledge & Information with a Keys Tropical Twist... of lime?

   We’re In process of organizing the 1 hour TV show... NEED TECH AND CAMERA Volunteers... which will air on WEYW19 TV and Internet, Southeast Florida's Action Channel... Hold On To Your Popcorn, Things are about to get REAL!

Just a bit of a major possibility... from the first show... this is EPIC! There is already talk of National Syndication... WOW!!!!!

The Keys 4:20 Foundation Is Taking Shape! NOW OPEN! The N.I.P. Awesome Store CANCELED

It's Here!!! NORML In Paradise's Awesome Logo Wear & Accessories Online Store featuring our Many Different Designs Which Make A Statement... We are a Not-For-Profit and 42% of the net funds raised from our store go to our Keys 420 Foundation and the rest goes to organizational operations and event costs... Thank You All for your Support & Activism... So Let's Represent For The Regulation of Cannabis Like Alcohol...